I kiss your palms of light,

palms of fire,

heart aflame.

Let this move through you.

It is the embodiment of soul and heart,

stars and earth,

emblazoned upon your golden breath.

Come home,

Come home to the

Grace of your Essence.


I love entering ceremonial, ritualistic space; this is where the words flow through me.

It would be such a honor and a blessing to share this with you.

So, sweet you, if you’re here on this page, there may be something that is speaking to your heart … a way that I can be of loving, devoted service to you.

What is This?

Your heart knows. But this gives you a little taste, beautiful you:


A candle is light.

Incense is burning.

I close my eyes in prayer.

I see you: sitting across the flame,

Your heart wrapped – a gift – waiting to unravel.

Your presence surrounds me:

Essence, scent, desire.

Here, I listen for you

turning my ear towards your heart,

feeling the beat of your story,

your life,

your beauty.

In the stillness, I write for you.

I write for your voice,

I write for your yearnings.

I write your remembrance across the sky,


lay it in the palms of your hands.



What is involved?

Once I receive your request, you’ll receive an email that confirms receipt.

While every scribed reading is different, you can expect to receive the oracle written in a lyrical, poetic tone … as that is the stylic voice that comes through me.

Your written oracle will be sent to you on a gorgeous PDF that you can print.

Perhaps you’ll feel called to place it on an altar or in a special place until what was written is complete.

Because of the sacred nature of this work, I will create a special altar for you, sit in meditation, and deeply feel into your Essence and hear what is wanting to be written for you, so please allow up to 13 days to receive your beautiful, thoughtful scribed reading.

Please click on button to provide the sacred exchange. After, complete the contact form below to inform me you’ve sent an exchange for the scribed reading.

Hands of light,

palms of wisdom,

fingers of love:

Bless each touch

with a kiss from the Goddess.

Anointing has been part of human history since the beginning of time. It is a sacred, ceremonial rite to bless the body with love and devotion. It is an act of deep, humble service to offer this gift to another.

I trained with the amazing Scent Priestess, Diana DuBrow of the Emerald Temple, and completed my Certificate of Anointing with her.

During an anointing session, consecrated holy oil is placed upon your body, in adoration, for several different purposes; some include:

  • Rites of passage
  • Self-Honor
  • Support during times of transition
  • Receive blessings
  • Open receptive channels and intuition
  • ...for any other reason you feel called

What’s Included:

  • Card Reading
  • Personal altar
  • Prayer over your body

What to Expect:

  • 2 hours of sanctified time together
  • Being on a massage table (or bed) for over 1hr
  • 1:1 time together before and after the anointing
  • To be blessed with holy oils divinely created by Diana DuBrow or possibly me, if there is a call to do so
  • Sound and other sacred tools and practices to help move energy and create rarefied space

Please click on button to provide the sacred exchange. After, complete the contact form below to inform me you've sent an exchange for the anointing.

Many times in our lives, we desire to have something we can hold with us at all times … a prayer, a blessing, a reminder that we are not alone but instead, deeply held in this life.

Perhaps a special occasion is occurring, or you’re in a time of transition. Whatever it is, it would be such a honor offer you a prayer or blessing.

This can be in two ways: written only or in-person (which would include the scribed/written blessing/prayer).

Written Only

Much like the scribed oracle reading, I will feel into a deep prayer or blessing for loving support.

You’ll receive this via email on a gorgeous PDF that you can download and save to either carry with you or place on your altar.

It arrives, beautifully designed, in a half-page size.

Please click on button to provide the sacred exchange. After, complete the contact form below to inform me you've sent an exchange for the written blessing.


in-person blessing

If we live in the same area, then I would be honored to visit you at your home/hospital/hospice to offer a sacred blessing.

This may be something you feel called to have if you or someone you love is ill, under duress, having a major life change, about to give birth, or simply need the presence of loving support.

What Happens

  • Please complete this form; it will be emailed to me. Be sure to include your telephone number and address.

  • I will contact you to set-up a time that works for both of us to meet.

  • I will drive to your home/hospital/hospice and offer the blessing.

What is Included 

  • Anointing of the crown of your head with holy oils. It’s possible other parts of your body may be anointed, such as the palms of your hands, your wrists, soles of feet, and/or heart. The oils used and their application will vary depending upon the person and what is called for under the circumstances. If you have certain scents that you negatively react to -- or if you’re pregnant -- please let me know. I will not use scented oil on a pregnant woman or infant; instead, a consecrated oil -- using olive oil or jojoba -- will be used. If you are uncomfortable with touch, please also be sure to let me know.

  • A prayer/transmission of peace, bestowing love and comfort upon you/your loved one.

  • A written record of the blessing (the blessing will be either recorded at the time and then transcribed, or it will be written previously and shared with you at the time of the blessing; it depends upon the circumstances and the time/urgency of meeting together).

Please click on button to provide the sacred exchange. After, complete the contact form below to inform me you've sent an exchange for the in-person blessing.


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