Getting Angry

Getting Angry

There are times we need to call on the forces of anger … anger that rises to inform us of when a line has been crossed, when a boundary has been obliterated, or when we turned our backs on ourselves, forgetting we are powerful beings of beauty.

I’ve had a challenging relationship with anger. Most of my life, I’ve vacillated between either being afraid (sometimes terrified!) of it to judging it as as incredibly base, human, and – well – wrong. I’d reject the bubbling of anger, dismiss it, and tell myself that I could transform that feeling into loving, compassionate forgiveness. Wrapped in the tightly held story of being a Nice Girl, I choose to believe anger wasn’t a viable option in my world. Nice Girls don’t get angry…

But, the funny thing is, I’m human. (Gasp.) Which means I really did – and do! – feel anger. Oh, I hated admitting that to myself! It angered me that I could feel angry! See what I mean? Ridiculous, right?

It has taken me awhile to come to a place where I can now feel the fire of anger ignite within my body – usually in my throat or belly – and simply acknowledge it. I’m learning it’s the fuel of self-will. Use it to take a firm stand. To say, “no!”

That kind of power is undeniable.

That kind of power supersedes rage and reactive anger.

This anger is proactive. It serves as kindling for self-honor, self-love. It not only penetrates through any kind of bullshit (like a bullshit meter reader), but radiates a shield of respectful self-authority that declares, “Not in my house!”

(Oohh, that feels good to say! I dare you to try it!)

Voices don’t need to be raised. Nothing needs to be thrown. Forget foaming at the mouth (please tell me you don’t do that when you’re mad!).

Simply place your hands in the center of your body and feel the fire burning you like the beating of a drum.

And if that happens to not be the easiest thing in your world, this poem is for you.

(Yes, I wrote it.)

Bang the drum. 
Take a stand.
Feel the grounded force rise through your veins.
You awaken to the once-desired: now double-crossed; 
a vanquished line washed in sand.
The line you crossed so another could cross:
 the dance of unworthiness.
The sun’s singular, polarized ray 
magnetizes your self-denial 
(the ways you give yourself away).
A smoldering flame ignites on the horizon.
A fire in your heart.
And nostrils flare with the scent of misalignment.
Smell the anger burn through your skin.
You cannot ignore what you want.
You cannot lay down your freedom. 
You cannot play false liberation games.
Hear the call of your inner heart light the sky ablaze.
Bang the drum.

Take your stand.

Stand your ground. Stand your ground. Stand your ground.

Do you know you’re worth it?