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Hello, beautiful you.

Thank you for being here. It is a blessing to get to know you.

I’m an intuitive writer from a small city nestled in one of the beautiful Pacific Northwest valleys. This is where I raise my daughter, where I connect with my community and family … the place I call home after living in five countries on four continents — including Myanmar, where I wrote a best-selling guidebook for expats moving there.

But what really matters to me is Love. (Yes, Love with an uppercase L.)

I believe that we all are — intrinsically — made of Love; a Love that holds the divinity of stars and the nobility of the sun.

This allows us to use words of integrity, stand with a fiercely tender heart, and shine light on the darker moments we all experience while having the courage to fully experience them, knowing they’re opportunities for growth and renewal; in fact, there is beauty, gratitude, and humility available in all moments in life … if only we choose to see it.

I write from this place — knowing we are all interconnected and interwoven — whether I’m sharing my story, providing Divine Feminine copy for soulful entrepreneurs, editing and coaching others’ writing, guiding writing workshops, or offering scribed blessings and readings.

Words are medicine. Touch is medicine. Our full, loving presence is medicine. It is my purpose to bring these together each day so that I can be of loving, devoted service.

It is such a blessing to share words with you … words that I hope remind you of who you are, why you’re here, and that — most importantly — you are not alone.

And … it’s also true that I like to play as much as the rest of us. So here are a few more little details…


Random jeweled nuggets

  • I laugh until I snort. Then I snort more.
  • I wrinkle my nose up. A lot.
  • For you astrology lovers: Aquarius sun, Scorpio rising, Taurus moon, Venus in Capricorn. Watch out!
  • I abhor bananas. And no … abhor is not an exaggeration.
  • Glittery, shimmery things make me distracted … and happy.
  • I adore archetypes and Jung: I’m an INFP. I’m also an HSP.
  • Want to know my top five strengths on Strength Finders? Connectedness; Empathy; Intellection (no…that wasn’t a typo); Developer; Strategic.
  • Love is my religion.
  • I’m undergoing the intensive process of becoming an Ordained Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage.
  • My love of holy oils, blessings, and touch led me down the path to become a certified Scent Priestess so that I may provide anointings.
  • I’m a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage.
  • My daughter’s laughter is absolutely the best thing on earth.
  • I’m all about passion and sensually living life on your terms, in the way that best suits you. I’m not much of a rule-follower.
  • What I’m sure of: We all have a fire inside us. Flame it. It’s a necessity.

Have you always been a writer?

Yes. As a small child, I wrote out my feelings on bits of paper and diaries. In middle school, I spent lunch hours sitting criss-crossed against my orange locker, scribbling out stories in my large three-ring binder.

Writing is one of the things that brings me the most joy.

It’s how I process.

It’s largely how I express myself.

…So, quite honestly, reading my stuff is a great way to get to know who I am.

Before I was a professional writer, my work — for over 15 years — was in direct client-focused care and included coaching and advocating for women going through major changes and transitions in the context of reproductive and sexual health. The grounding philosophy was that we all know — inherently — what’s best for ourselves.  My job was to support women in moving towards what they knew was best for them.

I have: managed a non-profit health clinic; designed, written, and implemented training programs; assisted in organizational change structures; consulted for the UN (United Nations) on HIV/AIDS to increase awareness of the pandemic — including the gender disparity of infection risk amongst girls in Ethiopia; collaborated and networked with multiple UN agencies to advocate for employees infected or affected by HIV/AIDS working overseas.