Sometimes you have to be brave. Get clear about what you really want and say the truth about it. When you acknowledge your true desires, you have to make room for them in your life. That isn’t always easy.
In fact, it might hurt. It might mean letting go of something or someone you’ve held on to. And it aches when what you long for is not your reality … at least in the way you want it to be.
Yet, once you’re certain of your needs, you must prune what no longer serves you. So, you slowly, cautiously pick up the shears. With trembling hands, gently trim a branch … one bent and barely holding on. As you trust your heart, you snip and let go. Snip and let go. Intuitively, you understand this will allow for new growth, new beginnings to bloom in your life. Resistance will only wear you down. And you’re already tired.
Letting go does not mean good-bye, necessarily. Not in the way we often think of it. The branches were once strong and held lessons for you. They taught you to see the beauty in yourself, to remember you are wise and kind. They helped you see the magnificence of who you are. They lifted you up and in the best way they could, gave themselves to you. While you prune, the lessons and love remain. You release the parts that cannot blossom into anything further.
It’s during this time we must not curse the branch. It hurts to realize we have to cut back. It hurts to start trimming. It hurts to let go. You might get angry and scared. It’s not fair. It’s not what you want. Why can’t it be different? Though it causes pain when we want more in our lives – more than what someone is able to give us – they have given us something. They’ve allowed us to deeply feel what we truly desire. They’ve awakened a part of us, a yearning. And that is a gift. That gift always remains fully intact, no matter how much you prune.
When the releasing hurts, let it hurt. Let it wash through you and accept the truth about how hard it is to recognize that things aren’t the way you hoped they would be right now. Grieve. Cry. Write. Talk. Build a fire. Take a bath. Light a candle. And know, really know, that new possibilities and opportunities will take root. It’s a fundamental truth. Your job now is to look out for them, identify them when they appear, and take a chance.
This is the part where you show up for yourself. And keep being brave.