Hello, dearest you.

Thank you for your presence.

I am here to — in a uniquely catalyzing and lyrical voice — intuitively scribe words that serve as medicine so you may feel deeply seen and heard.

May you feel the clarity of Love that emanates from this place.

May you see yourself reflected in these words, remember who you are.

…So much love to you.


Do you feel called to have an intuitive writer clarify your truth and message? I see your heart aflame. I turn my ears towards your heart, feeling the beat of your story. In the stillness, I write for you, your voice, your tribe.

Shhh… Come: Enter this sacred space where words are prayers to your Essence and gentle touch flows in loving devotion to you. I see you.

Come closer… Words are medicine. Words are a conduit of Love. The books are gifts to you. They are reminders that you are not alone. They are reminders of who you really are.


Rebecca blends an incredible sensitivity and deep compassion with words that initiate and illuminate all those who have the pleasure of reading them. She has a gift for tuning into the numinous and decoding languages of light into poetry and prose that invites you to enter more deeply into your own truth and heart knowing.  She is an oracle – a translator of the Divine – and has the uncanny gift of bridging the world of the invisible to the visible through the power of her words. 

Elayne Kalila Sophia Rose Doughty

Gatekeeper & Focalizer, Priestess Presence Temple


A Love Song to Essence

To: All of you who have forgotten who you really are. So much love to you. Come sit with me. There. Across the fire. Shhh. Come sit with me. Let me gaze into you. Let me breathe you in. Let me see your flame rising, engulfing you in the light of Love. I feel your...

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